Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Beauty

So...No tanning for me today, my skin is screaming for help and I'm nice enough to let it hide in the and glowy

So, it's my 3rd day on this Atkins diet...yes I've heard that in the long run you can get some memory damage but wtf, nowdays you can get brain damage from looking at a burger or chips!

I dont see any results yet, but it will come in 2 weeks. I've always been a heavy eater, seriously, as a former Bulimic I've done some serious damage to the size of my stomach and my eating habbits...even though I dont puke anymore after every meal I still eat the same amount of food as when I was puking! I'm surprised that the scale doesnt show 200 but 64... I'm a shorty so 64 is over weight for my lenght and for my own self esteem the weight is going to show 57. I can do it! Remember people, dont starve! The animal inside wakes up when you forbid your body to eat! I would know...

lets do a before and after picture as soon as I get some results.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi Yaaall

I've been frying all day today like bacon on my parents back yard! With my pc and mobile internet I've been chasing sun, away from the shadows from 12 to about 7 today... Well, I can hardly lean back on my back at the moment ladies and gentlemen! Even a freshly boiled lobster would envy me! I'm as red as a mature tomato...

I was glowing in the dark because I was so pale yesterday, today I will be glowing because I'm sooo burnt! But, I'll wake up Hot...Like Paris Hilton would say : Thats Hot.

I've been reading journals about immigrants and identity all day for my essay...intersting but I'm fucking cross eyed after all the reading!

Me next week after my sun-sessions! Hot?

Have a great saturday

Friday, June 26, 2009

Eye Candy

I need something new and sexy, do you think boyfriend will like this??

Damn these must belong to some Huge Huge lady!


Jahapp...Vissa människor tror man är odödliga, but noo, we all die.

Even though Mr Jacko wasnt my idol or his actions and court- things did raise some brows, he did deliver some good tunes way back.

Life is shorter and more fragile than we think! Who thinks one will die today, 2morro or even a year from now?? You never know how much time you have left, yet I'm to lazy to take advantage of the time given!

I'm hot

Is it just me or can you eat LOADS of ice cream in one go 2? When I mean loads I mean everything from 0.5 litre and up...

This is what I've been doing...I LOVE Sorbet Icecream, screw gräddglass this is the shit and way better way to cool of a hot body

MMMM....Give me spoon and I'm in heaven

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hitchcock! there were birds everywhere yesterday!!!

Fishing last weekend...look at the clouds! before we knew it we were soaking wet

Our view from our little drinkin and eatin spot...

BBQ from 2 days ago, one of the chicken bits fell into the water, and it couldnt be saved. RIP

Its been really nice spendin some quality time with BF, long distant relationships are hard, one lives in Sweden and the other one in London...but somehow we make it work.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is it true?

Can this be true? That the summer is finally here or is it some sick bastard that plays games for a few days to steal the summer away in a couple of days?? seriously when I landed in Sweden it was fucking freezing as I was waiting for my parents to pick me up I saw people in winter/fall Jackets, BOOTS and thick SOCKS, I mean hello, there I was in gladiator sandals, leggins and a t shirt... Thank god for my tiny but better than nothing jacket...
Is the summer here to stay?

The BBQ yesterday was cooosy, beer, cider, chicken, beef, potatosallad, sallad and grapes all dissapeared in a couple of hours, MONSTERS. Having one last BBQ tonight with my sweety before heading home for my parents home over the weekend, time to do some serious READING!

Will put some pics up later on, time to do these posts more alive! Well, as soon as I put all the pics in the pc. At the library now, the internet didnt work at boyfriends and I desperatly needed to check my emails so here I am, no emails no nothing with 30 minutes left to kill!

Enjoy the lovely day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ready or not, here I come

The weather is amaaaaazing and I'm indoors with a cup of coffee...Cant really start my essay without my teachers permission that my research question is ok...ZzZz

Me and my boyfriend decided to go to the lake and drink some cider and beer and get some colour on our bodies yesterday...There we were for a couple of hours just relaxing and enjoying the summer in the evening half naked, we even jumped into the water (fucking freezing) before heading home drunk on our bikes...

I dont know whats wrong with me, I'm becoming more and more clumpsy day by day, I'm banging my head and limbs into everything, I look like a leopard with dots everywhere! How sexy...

Waiting for my dude to finish work so we can go and buy some alcohoool and meat, veggies and head for the lake again to do some BBQ in the afternoon sun! mmmmm I love the summer!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hiii Yaaall

Been a while! Sorry, but been busy bee last 2 weeks, a quick update:

  • Last week I almost got fired! I work in a coffee-shop and one of the customers didnt find my service friendly enough (BITCH) so she emailed my boss...WTF, I'm not gonna go over the top for anyone, asslicking is not my tune!

  • Took a week off to finish my essay which I havent started!!!! needs to be finished by early next week....I smell ANOTHER week off from work...the boss wasnt happy me taking a week off...they're kinda short on staff atm! but hey...its either my grades or sucking up for customers...what would you choose??

  • Been out fishing...didnt catch anything...BBQ-ing with bf and my family...YUM

  • Went to the movies. Saw the new Terminator-salvation....better than I thought actually


Thats it the rest is sleeping AND eating... seriously enough is enough, im becoming fat!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Missing Kitten found


Damn, its been a mental week! new beutiful FAKE but oh so beautiful nails (well as beautiful as they can get for 28 £ at a place where they dont speak English!, communication is under-rated)!. i wana say new beautiful hair (coloured and cut) but I paid 100 £ for lookin like SHIT when I got out! Even a blind person could do a better job... Man I hardly made it to the airport with my bags n all aswell, and when I did get there they wudnt let me in bcus of the over weight... How much shit can a person collect during like 1 year?? Anyways now I', back in Home sweet Home Sverige, familiar streets, familiar everything...Fulltime job...means waking up at 4.30 in the fucking morning... this post will be held short, my long nails are in my way every time I type other letters come along...its hard to be this beautiful haha

After work anyways I'm meeting up with my boyfriend, go back to my folks and do some BBQ hell yes! I can take down a cow on the way back home...hopefully the weather will be niiice drink a drink yes pls and just hang with my parents and my boyfriend, Life is wonderful .

Anyhow! yes, so from monday its hard core study after work to do some resits so you will see more of me from now on! but now im goin to bed bcus i need to be up in 5 hours! aah I dont feel to good tho, had 2 MASSIVE beers in the city today with a couple of people and it was my 4th and 5th alcoholic drink in 2 months...I think Sverige will create a monster! I even got drunk thats how bad it is goooooooooooood night

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, I found myself walking down to the shopping mall with a mango frappucino...I'm not spending my afternoon in this cave! Anyways poped in at Primark, a cheap clothing-chain...Must say I'm dissapointed...Nothing that appealed, and to be honest its better to pay a couple extra £ to actually be able to wear the clothes more than once! But, I love cheap, you love cheap, everyones loves cheap! Tried on a couple of hundred of shoes...nothing fit, am I abnormal?? Must be wrong with the shoes haha

Guess what I bought for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
PIZZA! stashed up with frozen pizza.... YUM

I reaaaaaaally dont wanna pack, I'm not talkin pack a suitcase I'm talking packing down your whole life! I hate this routine I've done this routine 4 times now since I moved here, pack, throw away clean, pack throw away clean, pack throw away clean...U get it.

To do list

Zuppp! Ok here is my to do list until friday... Good luck

  • Buy new shoes (dont have any nice low heels, dont wanna break my legs at work)
  • New skirts (to fat for my old ones)
  • New t-shirts ( Mine are from 1980!)
  • Underwear (Eye Candy!)
  • Clean out this mess
  • Throw away this mess
  • Donate books, shoes, clothes to Red Cross
  • Drag everything to a Storage Room- service nearby (over 100 £ to leave it there fo 3 months!!! we are talking printer, kettles, lamps, cuttlery, winter shoes etc stuff I dont wanna drag home and then drag back!!)
  • Cut and Colour my hair...(ITS ABOUT TIME, looks disgusting! Blonde with brown roots)
  • Go to the doctors
  • See some friends
  • Sleep some!
  • DO some LAUNDRY
Everything else can wait until I land back home :D weeeeeeeeeeeeeii


HI! words cannot descibe how exhausted I was yesterday. But, when that clock hit 3.30 i almost ran outta the examination! I'm fucking doooooooone! Well with an essay and an exam to do during the summer but I'll be home! 1 year left and I'm freeeeee

Was planning on going out shopping today, treat myself with new shoes, untill I realised I have o clean first...I'm moving out on friday night, so the room needs to be SPOTLESS with no things in it. I just began and my room looks like an explosion, shoes and clothes everywhere, notes, books, bottles (OMG!!)

Having indian food now, took a break after 30 minutes... I need to Recommend one thing, those who live in London or shops at Tescos, buy the ready indian meal for 2 (you get naan, 2 different curry's, rice and 4 onion things) it says 2 portions but trust me this would feed 4 people easily! 5 pounds and you get 4 luxury dinners....thats what I'm talkin about!

Monday, June 1, 2009


OMG, I swear I'm about to drop dead of sleep deprivation and coffein overdose!
Ive got 6 hours to learn everything by heart before stepping on that bus that will take me to my destiny...dead man walking... Is it just me, or do you guys also have annoying study/working patterns? are you organised or go with the flow and deal with the mess later?

I dont know what organised means, or the concept of planning. I shouldnt even be online now! Ok, wish me luck because if I do pass it's a miracle!